The M is Wing Tai Holdings’ newest project, that is supposed to go completely live and functional in Q1 2024. This new project is located on the Middle Road, one of the busiest and feature-rich routes in the entire city state.

The M is about to raise the Bugis district onto the next level and here are some of the reasons, that we ought to know of the impending changes to the real estate landscape in Prime District 07:

The M has both commercial component as well as residential apartments

The higher 20-storey building is dedicated to residential homes, along with a lower 6-storey block accommodating a total of 522 homes, and with the first storey allocated to some commercial establishments and so on.

Commercial properties are almost always sold at a higher rate than that of a residential, mainly because of the nature due to commercial properties being used as a revenue generating asset. The M condo will definitely change the game here due to the limited supply of private housing in the immediate neighborhood. Not only will the residential units be of really high quality and standard, but the architecture planning of the landmark development will also be absolutely marvelous.

The building will provide unblocked street frontage

The M is located along the Middle Road, which is pretty near to the main road, while connecting the many major arterial as well as minor roads within the city. It is designed and tilted in such a way to help provide an unblocked street frontage for the residents, a major advantage for overlooking at the nearby lower profile architecture buildings in the comfort of their home.

Steady-growing urban area

The mixed development is located in an urban area that is mature and growing at a steady rate with ongoing developments. This means that the entry price of such new projects would be attractive, and when the area transforms and renew itself, the prices of these private properties within The M will increase in terms of capital gain. An almost no-brainer to stake your claims when it is available.

Middle Road and Bugis precinct is well-known for being a place of trend setters as well as the cultural exchanges among the conserved assets, which attracts many millennial and working class folks to the area.

A new landmark in Middle road, Bugis

Landmark developments are one of the best property investments, they become very expensive over the years and people are willing to pay a premium for it. The M has great potential to become a landmark development when it is ready in Q1 2024. Potential investors will be looking for such great opportunity so they can make profits not found on the usual deals.

Of course, with so many buyers sitting on the fence waiting to jump into the bandwagon, the unit demand will be increased for any property within The M. Starting price of this project is not known as of writing, but the mode of sale would be through balloting process in due course.

It is set within a shopping district

One of the key reason people look for in a condo is that it should be close to amenities, so that they won’t have to make an extra effort for a visit to the retail shops. The M is very near to the Bugis Junction and Bugis + and several other commercial establishments. This is surely a done deal for many people when they are released for sale in the market.


No matter how you look at it, The M at middle road is really an amazing investment that will raise the property market value sooner than you might think.