It's Only Ink! Mom, Can I Have a Dragon?

It's Only Ink!
Mom, Can I Have a Dragon?

"Mom, can I Have a Dragon" is the story of a boy who brings home a stray dragon after finding him eating hay in the field next to his school. The boy hopes he can keep the dragon as a family pet.
But after his mom says no, the boy hides the dragon in the cellar until he can think of what to do. The boy really loves his new large friend and wants his parents to say yes, but how does he convince them?
Read T.E. Watson's hilarious book to find out what happens to the dragon named George and how he alone convinces the boy's parents.
"Mom, Can I Have a Dragon?" is a heart-warming book that children of all ages will enjoy. The colorful, comical illustrations by Dave Patterson, bring George and the boy, Sam to life. Children will enjoy looking over every inch of George the friendly dragon.
This reviewer and her three children thoroughly enjoyed Watson's fanciful tale of friendship, trust, and loyalty.

Mom, Can I Have a Dragon? by T.E. Watson
Published by: Paw Prints Press
Release: 2004
ISBN: 1-58478-020-7
Price: $16.95
Reviewed by: Jennifer LB Leese

Jennifer LB Leese is a writer from Maryland,