Fish News: It is Better to be Lucky Than Good

Fish News
It is Better to be Lucky Than Good

"It is better to be lucky than good," is a saying that I have heard a lot. When it comes to fishing, it is better to be both. That is exactly what PSWSFA members Mike Harvey and Jody Linthicum was this past weekend when they were part of a team fishing in the Bluewater Rock Party Tournament ( They started out drifting eels near Plantation Light but it was just too rough. They decided to run around to the ocean side of Fisherman's Island to get out of the wind. It was a good move. They ended up with three fish weighing more than 40 pounds each. Thirteen-year-old Ryan Darnell caught their largest. His fish weighed in at 45.7 pounds and was large enough to take 2nd place in the tournament. They wanted to register citations for their three big fish so they took them over to Sunset Marina. There was Jim Baugh, He was hosting one of his free rockfish tournaments. No pre-registration required, just come in and weigh your fish. So in addition to winning 2nd place money at Bluewater and registering three citations, they also collected a brand-new outboard motor from Jim Baugh!
It is time to start paying our dues for 2009. Dues will remain $30 for a family membership for another year.
Make sure to reserve the evening of February 27. That will be the night of our annual awards banquet. Cost will be $27 for adults and $5 for children 10 and under eating the child's chicken tender meal (children 4 and under are free but we still need to count them). Adult menu selections include: chicken picatta, prime roast beef, and crab cakes with country ham. The Chum Line has a reservation form:
Dec. 14, I made a very short fishing trip with Tricia. She already had earned her Expert Award for the year but still did not have a rockfish citation yet. We ran over to Kiptopeke and put out some eels. In short order, she was hooked up to a big fish. Back at the dock, it weighed in at 42 pounds 8 ounces. Successful, quick trip.
Dec. 13-14, Ric and Roger Burnley spent the weekend at Kiptopeke with some of their kayak buddies. They fished day and night. They eeled up numerous big rockfish to 46 inches long from both their kayaks and their center consol.

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