Fish News: PSWSFA Rockfish Tournament

Fish News
PSWSFA Rockfish Tournament

The annual PSWSFA rockfish tournament is underway. Bishop Bait and Tackle who has donated a custom rod and reel combo to be awarded to the first place angler again sponsor it. The tournament will run the entire month of December. You must be registered prior to fishing. Entry fees are only $10 for club members and $15 for guest fishing with a member.
It is time to start paying our dues for 2009. Dues will remain $30 for a family membership for another year.
Make sure to reserve the evening of February 27. That will be the night of our annual awards banquet. Cost will be $27 for adults and $5 for children 10 and under eating the child's chicken tender meal (children 4 and under are free but we still need to count them). Adult menu selections include: chicken picatta, prime roast beef, and crab cakes with country ham. The Chum Line has a reservation form:
Dec. 6, Rick Wineman fished the high-rise area of the CBBT. They caught 12 large rockfish on live eels. They kept one fish, releasing the rest. The one they kept weighed in at 46 pounds 8 ounces.
Dec. 6, We started out at the high rise dark and early and then went to Kiptopeake at first light. It was a day of losing fish for us. We ended up catching about a 3rd of the fish we hooked up. Gabe Sava's dad fished with us. He caught a nice 45-inch fish, which the rest of us talked about releasing for a citation. Mr. Sava thought about dinner. Danny Forehand caught his first-ever rockfish citation. He also kept his fish, which weighed in at 42 pounds 4 ounces. That is where the bar is set for our month-long club tournament. We also caught a 40-inch fish late in the afternoon. We had the hook pull on a number of fish including two large fish, which were almost in range of the landing net.
Dec. 6, Joey Stratton fished at Kiptopeake during the afternoon, drifting eels. They caught a single, 41-inch striped bass.
Dec. 5, Gabe Sava and Charles Southall fished the MMBT. Casting bucktails, they caught all of the striped bass that they could crank. The fish were up to 31 inches long.
Dec. 5, Phillip Neill fished the Concrete Ships. They caught two 44-inch rockfish while drifting eels.
Dec. 3, John Hunt fished out of Oregon Inlet. They caught a single, 25-pound yellowfin tuna, 12 blackfin tuna up to 18 pounds, and 3 false albacore. They were fishing in 73-degree water.
Dec. 3, Mike Avery, Wes Blow, Doug Gross, and Steve Walker fished from the Fingers to the Norfolk Canyon. They encountered multiple schools of bluefin tuna, which would not bite. They finally hooked one up but they experienced leader failure. They then did some bottom fishing and came back with a box full of big sea bass and blueline tilefish. They had sea bass to over 5 pounds and tilefish to 12 pounds.

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