Life by Design: In a Clarity Cycle

Life by Design
In a Clarity Cycle

With the coming of the new year, I am feeling very unsure of myself. Many things in my life don't fit any more. I know that things are changing, the world is changing, and I am changing but I have no clarity about myself and what I want. I don't feel particularly challenged I just feel unclear.
Many people seem to be feeling this way lately. There are multiple challenges that we are facing now but you may be noticing that it is not the challenge that is on your mind - but the possibilities. Some light may be emerging for you - but your clarity about what you see may not be following. You may sense that there is an opportunity but you are not sure what it is.
During transitioning times, we are engaged in many processes that call for us to sharpen our awareness and become clear about our own self and our own expansion process. It is sort of like a clarity cycle.
In a clarity cycle, part of our task is to understand what we are bringing to the future. Instead of looking outward to what is coming to us from the future, it is time for us to get clear about who we are as we take this journey to the newly emerging person within us. It's time for you to know what is going on within your own self.
As this clarity cycle pulls you forward, you may be feeling an urge to know your self better, what your dreams and desires are, and what you really want in life.
There will be crucial times in your life and development when you will feel the need to get better acquainted with yourself - sometimes it may even seem sort of like "a call". It is usually best to answer this call right away with a "Yes" and not resist it or pretend you didn't hear it. Somehow, you just know it is time to reconnect with yourself.
In order for you to become the doctor, mother, father, hairdresser, stockbroker that you are, you may have had to bear the separation of your inner and outer selves. And a you can't bear for long this split between your inner life - your deepest needs - and you worldly requirements.
You get the sense that you have paid too high a price for ignoring your deepest needs, desires and dreams.
For you to know what is going on in your own consciousness you have to spend time with it - you need to spend time with yourself away from the hustle and bustle of every day life.
* Spend some time in nature
* Spend time by yourself
* Reconnect with childhood interests
* Sit quietly not doing anything
* Take a day and read a novel
* Go out to eat or take a trip by yourself
Before you know it, you will recognize who you are and where you want to go in life.

Mary Ann Copson, founder of Evenstar Mood & Energy Wellness Center for Women, is Life Coach who specializes in helping her clients better manage their moods and energy.; 434-263-4996.