Crystal Grottoes

Crystal Grottoes
More Than Meets the Eye

While most visitors to Maryland see mountains, greenery, and a land of lush beauty, adventurous travelers uncover more than meets the eye and more than just surface beauty. These adventurers can mine through Maryland's hidden caves and caverns.
This season take the family to Crystal Grottoes, in Boonsboro. Explore the long, deep, and sometimes narrow tunnels; stand under the largest stalagmites you've ever seen!
Crystal Grottoes is the only commercial cave now open in Maryland. It is also one of the largest in the state with nearly one half mile of passage (mapped in 1968).
During a quarry operation for road material in 1920, diggers found the cave. Drills penetrated the passages near the present entrance, opened by blasting. Because of their beauty and commercial potential, quarrying on the cavern stopped. In 1922, after clearing and installation of electrical equipment, the caverns were opened to the public.
Originally, the entrance house was a wooden structure; however, it was replaced in 1942 by the modern stone structure you see today. From there you begin your adventure!
Crystal Grottoes is a beautiful place to visit. The well-informed guides give visitors a fun, educational forty-minute tour. They explain the history of the cavern, formations within, and the geological aspects of the caverns while leading you through brilliantly lighted chambers.
Delicate drape-like stalactites, bacon rinds, and stout columns in pure white or buff colors dominate most of the ceilings and walls. The commercial tour route covers approximately one third of the known cave.
Visit Crystal Grottoes this autumn and be sure to look for fairies in the Fairyland room!
"Your journey back into time has been professionally prepared."