Twentieth Century Still Life: From the Permanent Collection

Twentieth Century Still Life
From the Permanent Collection

Hagerstown, MD- The Museum's Smith Gallery will display examples of still life paintings from the Twentieth Century. On view November 22, 2008 through February 8, 2009, this exhibition explores the variety of styles used by artists to capture everyday objects. All pieces on view are part of the collection of still life art in the Museum' s Permanent Collection.
Artists throughout history have used many styles and techniques to interpret everyday objects such as plants, flowers and food. Some artists depicted objects in a realistic manner like Al BrulĒ' s Apple Pie and R. Benjamin Jones' Late Winter, Early Spring, which depicts two baskets on a window ledge with highly contrasted shadows and sunlit areas. Other artists like Charlotte Stuart Kimball, Still Life, and Karl Metzler, Crab Feast, used abstraction to capture everyday objects.
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