It's Only Ink! Inner City Nursery Rhymes

It's Only Ink!
Inner City Nursery Rhymes

Children love nursery rhymes because they speak of things they know about. Parents love reading nursery rhymes because they bring back memories of when they were little as they create memories for their children.
Many nursery rhymes are about lying in the grass and watching the clouds go by, or about growing up and becoming a responsible person. Barbara S. Harvey's poems target children who live in the inner city. Her dramatic poems include, "Prayer," "Roaches," "Bennie the Rat," and "Black Girl's Hair." Each includes colorful illustrations, by Linda Kaplan, that portray everyday scenes in urban settings. Harvey's poems are unique, symbolizing the language, familiarity, and comings and goings of inner city children.
The author's educational value in "Inner City Nursery Rhymes" is to help children learn to make the most of who they are and what they have.

Inner City Nursery Rhymes written by Barbara S. Harvey
Published by: American Literary Press,
Released: January 2005
ISBN: 1561678635
Price: $11.95
Reviewed by: Jennifer LB Leese

Jennifer LB Leese is a writer from Maryland,