Tournament of Bands at Glen Burnie High School

Tournament of Bands
at Glen Burnie High School

Several area high school bands traveled to Glen Burnie High School in Glen Burnie, Maryland for this past weekend's Tournament of Bands, which took place on Saturday, October 18, 2008. Thousands of spectators enjoyed performances of outstanding bands from the four-state area.
The first marching band took the field at 5:00pm.
Participating Bands:
Thomas Stone HS, South Garrett HS, Glen Burnie HS, McDonough HS, North Carroll HS, Chesapeake HS, Severna Park HS, Boonsboro HS, South Hagerstown HS, Arundel HS, Great Mills HS, Patuxent HS, Lake Forest HS, Tuscarora HS, and Musselman HS.
These students work extremely hard learning the music and steps involved in these competitions. Each participating school performed with contagious attitude, inspiring power, and intense heat, which moved from spectator to spectator.
Food and refreshments, souvenirs, and program guides were readily available throughout the length of the event. Air grams, candy grams, animal grams, and flower grams are available for community supporters, friends, and family to send to their school or student.
Bands performed in pre-set groups according to the number of players in the band:
Group 1- up to 35 musicians and a maximum of 35 auxiliary
Group 2- 36 to 55 musicians and a maximum of 55 auxiliary
Group 3- 56 to 80 musicians and a maximum of 80 auxiliary
Group 4- 81 or greater
Each band is given a block time of 14 minutes. The logical conclusion of the visual and music performance must be a minimum of 7 minutes and a maximum of 10 minutes.
Awards were presented to the following:
Group 1 Regional
1. 84.85 McDonough HS (DM, Perc, Aux)
Group 1
1. 82.15 Chesapeake HS (Aux)
2. 81.00 North Carroll HS (DM, Perc)
3. 77.45 South Garrett HS
4. 72.45 Thomas Stone HS
Group 2 Regional
1. 80.35 Great Mills HS (DM, Perc, Aux)
Group 2
1. 85.65 Tuscarora HS
2. 83.70 Patuxent HS (DM, Perc, Aux)
3. 72.60 Lake Forest HS
81.25 Glen Burnie HS Exhibition
Group 3
1. 84.70 South Hagerstown HS (DM, Perc)
2. 79.50 Boonsboro HS (Aux)
3. 77.75 Severna Park HS
4. 75.85 Arundel HS
Group 4
1. 87.10 Musselman HS (DM, Perc, Aux)
Contact your local high school for information and to purchase tickets. When you purchase tickets directly from your school - your band boosters gets to keep the money raised.