Beth, My Imaginary Friend: Sent by Margaret H. in Hagerstown

Beth, My Imaginary Friend
Sent by Margaret H. in Hagerstown

When I first moved to Maryland, my step-dad and Mom moved us to an apartment building in Funkstown. We weren't there long, due to lack of space. About 4 months after moving there, they moved us to an old house in the north end of Hagerstown. The house was built in the early 1900s.
As they moved everything in I decided to explore. I went to the attic and there I was a little girl. She told me that she was nine and that she had died many years ago from high fever. Everyday after school I searched for the little girl (named Beth) and soon she became my "imaginary friend".
Beth often played jokes on my two brothers. She'd move stuff around on their dressers and take things they had there and move them downstairs. They were baffled. Of course I got a kick out of it. Beth showed me a wooden panel that opened into a small crawlspace. She told me she used to play there a lot and hide from her father when he had been drinking. I believed her as I found an old teddy bear with one eye and a blanket that was covered in 10 inches of dust. I still have the teddy bear.
I know my mom heard her too because I heard her making comments about hearing footsteps in the living room when us kids had already gone to bed, and hearing lullabies in my room night.
We left that house several years later. Sometimes I wonder about Beth and if she is still in that house.