Fish News: All-Tackle World Record

Fish News
All-Tackle World Record

Chris Boyce's Darwin's Slimehead has been approved as the All-Tackle World Record. It is the initial world record for this species. He caught the fish at the Norfolk Canyon while fishing aboard the Healthy Grin. Chris also holds the current world record for snowy grouper. Both of Chris' records are being challenged by recent catches.
Capt. Reese Bowles, of Catchin' With Capt. Reese fame, will be the speaker at the October 21st meeting. If you have heard Capt. Reese before, you know that this will be an entertaining and educational meeting.
A little club business: It is that time of year where we look for members who are willing to serve on the board. Let any of the current board members know if you would be willing to be an officer or board member for 2009. It is also time to start paying our dues for 2009. The club is financially healthy so dues will remain $30 for a family membership. Make sure to reserve Feb. 27. That will be the night of our annual awards banquet.
Oct. 6, It was too rough for Ric Burnley to get out in his kayak. He went out on the pier at Sandbridge instead. He caught one of the big red drum which are swimming around there right now.
Oct. 5, Rick Wineman fished around the Norfolk Canyon. They trolled and bottom fished. They caught dolphin, false albacore, wreckfish, snowy grouper, blueline tilefish, and sea bass.
Oct. 5, Tricia and I fished the Twin Stakes area for the PSWSFA Spot Tournament. We caught plenty of spot but our largest only weighed .52 pound. We also caught a lot of little gray trout.
Oct. 4, David Brabrand fished out of Oregon Inlet. The fleet caught a few yellowfin and blackfin tuna. They never saw one of the rare tuna. They did catch some dolphin.
Oct. 4, Brandon Honeycutt fished Rudee Inlet. They caught .5 pound spot. They then try to live-bait some king mackerel off of Sandbridge. They did not catch any kings. They did see a lot of bunker and some big things eating them. They were probably drum.
Oct. 4, Tricia fished the Poquoson Reef for the PSWSFA Spot Tournament. She caught small gray trout and a bunch of .5 pound spot.
Oct. 3, Barclay Shepard fished just south of the Norfolk Canyon. They caught dolphin and 2 nice yellowfin tuna.
Oct. 3, John Hunt says that it is Uncle Russell time. Uncle Russell is 98 years young and he loves to catch spot. They fished the MMBT. Uncle Russell caught .5-.75 pound spot two at a time while telling everyone else what they are doing wrong. Maybe they will get it all right by his 100 year-old spot trip.
Oct. 1, Bernie Sparrer fished out of Oregon Inlet. They found very little action. There were some blackfin and yellowfin caught by the fleet but not many. They caught a few dolphin.

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