Life by Design: The Secret to Managing Your Energy Effectively

Life by Design
The Secret to Managing Your Energy Effectively

I must have tried every scheduling technique that I know of and I still am frazzled running around all over the place. I'm trying to work at my small business but my daughter wants to talk about the reception for her wedding. And by the time I'm finished running errands my day off is gone. How do I get every thing in place in my life?
I bet that a key reason you are having such trouble is that you are trying to manage time.
My husband and I had a little tiff yesterday. We trade off making the meals and it was his turn to make dinner. When I noticed that it was time for dinner, I didn't remember him leaving the office to make dinner. Turns out he hadn't - he was busily trying to get ONE MORE THING done.
This is a classic example of the ongoing struggle with time. In our lives today, we have too many things to do and we simply cannot do all of them. We hurry. We rush. We are absolutely convinced we can do more than one thing at a time. And, do in 5 minutes what actually takes more like 30 minutes to do. Somehow, we continually trick ourselves into believing that we can get it all done.
There is nothing you can do about managing time. Time marches on, as they say. You can't manage time; you can only manage yourself. Everyone has the same amount of time in every day and, as much as we want to speed up what we do in that amount to time, there is always a limit. My husband is always wishing he was The Flash but even The Flash can't go fast enough to get everything done.
Ultimately, you are the one who gets to choose what you do in each moment of time in each day. When you choose to do something, you are simultaneously choosing not to do many other things. That simple fact often escapes our conscious recognition. So choose wisely.
Rather than being a victim of time or having time be your taskmaster, you can begin to look at how you can better manage yourself in relationship to time.
* The first step to managing yourself in relationship to time is to keep reminding yourself that you are in charge of your actions.
* Become aware of what you can really- not hope you can get done in a certain amount of time.
* Choose what to do with your time based on what is most important to you.
* Learn to set boundaries and say "no".
* Let to of unfulfilling, time consuming choices that just aren't good for you.
You can break the grip that ticking time has over you. You can chose for yourself and stop getting caught up in tyranny of the clock. You can manage yourself and give up trying to manage time.

Mary Ann Copson is Life Coach who specializes in helping her clients better manage their moods and energy. She is the founder of the Evenstar Mood & Energy Wellness Center for Women. You can visit her online at or reach her by phone at 434-263-4996.