Top 10 Items to Have in Your Car

Top 10 Items to Have In Your Car

(NUE)-As a driver, you should be prepared for vehicle breakdowns or other unexpected situations. For safety, the service specialists at Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge recommend keeping the following items in your car.
1. Disposable camera: In case of an accident, it will help you document any damage.
2. First-aid kit: It will come in handy for treating minor cuts, bumps or bites.
3. Charged cell phone: You might need to make a call if you are involved in an accident, your vehicle breaks down or you need directions.
4. Earpiece for your cell phone: This allows you to keep both hands on the steering wheel.
5. Flares: They will alert passing drivers to your presence if you are stopped on the road.
6. Spare tire. Always have one available in case a tire needs to be replaced.
7. Toolbox: You might need tools for tasks such as changing a headlight lamp.
8. Map: Even if you know where you are going, you may run into a detour and need to find an alternate route.
9. Driver's manual: This reference contains information on everything from dashboard warning signals to the kind of gasoline your vehicle requires.
10. Water and snacks: They will be useful if you become stranded or are traveling with children or pets.
Be sure to have regular service and maintenance checkups by certified automotive experts to ensure your vehicle operates at its optimum level. For more information, call or visit your local Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge dealership.