It's Only Ink! Giraffes in the Savannah

It's Only Ink!
Giraffes in the Savannah

Children of all ages enjoy stories featuring animals. As a giraffe-lover, I was immediately taken by Amanda Gordon Miller's charming illustrations on the front of the book - three giraffes happily eating in the middle of the Savannah.
Flipping to the inside I was just as delighted. The hand-drawn illustrations work well with the inspirational story that discusses the importance the balance found between nature and the creatures that inhabit the earth - including us. It also talks about the much-needed roles that are played by water, wind, and sun.
Written as a birthday present of the author's granddaughter, GIRAFFES IN THE SAVANNAH, was a story I enjoyed sharing with my children. With all the talk and concern about global warming, recycling, and conserving energy, I found this story right on for today's issues.
Dorai's book would work well in a school setting - the sooner we teach our children about these issues, the better the environment will be.
Dorai, an economist and statistician from Maryland, wrote GIRAFFES IN THE SAVANNAH with the hopes of sustaining children's interest in science education, by teaching them how the different forces of nature act together to produce vegetation and food for the animals. Learning a fun way!
Children will surely enjoy reading Gopal Dorai's GIRAFFES IN THE SAVANNAH. Let your child's imagination run wild - get a discussion going today!
Highly recommended.

Giraffes in the Savannah: A Fairy Tale About Harmony in Nature by Gopal Dorai
Published by Shooting Star Edition
ISBN-10: 1-93469610-2
ISBN-13: 978-1934696101
Release: 2008
Reading Level: Ages 6-10
Pages: 32
Format: Hardcover
Price: $15.95

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