It's Only Ink! Fairy Houses and Beyond!

It's Only Ink!
Fairy Houses and Beyond!

I have had the pleasure of reviewing all of Barry and Tracy Kane's fairy books published by Light-Beams Publishing, and I am thrilled to be reviewing their newest creative works, FAIRY HOUSES AND BEYOND! And, yes, again, I am thrilled w/this book as well. The husband and wife team never cease to amaze me. Each book overflows with creative genius. As a fairy, and anything-fantasy-lover, I find their books magical and pure.
Have you ever seen a fairy house? A fairy house is a small structure made from natural materials to attract fairy visitors. Only natural materials are used: like dry grasses, leaves, sticks, pieces of dry bark, pebbles, and pine cones.
Fairies need a place to live comfortably too.
You won't only find them deep in the woods - sometimes you'll see them at the b each, in a meadow, along rocks in the mountains, in the tundra, and in the tropics. Fairies are everywhere! They are fantastic pieces of art and a splendid addition to nature. And they can resemble any structure you can imagine - a tee pee, a log cabin, an A-frame house, a mansion, hobbit-inspired house, a castle - anything!
In FAIRY HOUSES AND BEYOND! readers will delight in the large colorful photographs. They will surely inspire many to come up with their own designs.
The Kane's believe that building a fairy house encourages reading and storytelling and increases awareness of wildlife and nature, forcing us to show responsibility to our actions.
My family and I build fairy houses every year when we go to the shore in New Jersey. Building these houses are fun and I love watching the creations my children come up with - beds made from sticks and leaves, a dining room table complete with acorn-top plates and leave placemates.
Get your hands on FAIRY HOUSES AND BEYOND! by Barry and Tracy Kane today and start creating. Let your imagination run wild - give them not only a house, build them a village complete with an art center, opera house, theatre, coffee shop - the list is endless. Make it a tradition! You can build them anywhere!
You can find out more information about building your own fairy house at

Fairy Houses and Beyond! by Barry and Tracy Kane
Published by Light-Beams Publishing,
ISBN-13: 978-0-9708104-6-5
Release: August 2008
Reading Level: All Ages
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 62, w/83 photographs
Price: $15.95

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