Life by Design: Do Something to Breakthrough

Life by Design
Do Something to Breakthrough

I can't decide what to do. Last year I thought I would like to change careers. And last month I was thinking about taking an exercise class. I get all excited about the new project - research it, weigh the pros and cons of doing it, investigate the different possibilities, spend time meditating about it - and it all comes to the same end. I keep wondering if it is the right thing to do and then - I don't do anything. How can I break this habit?
A couple of years ago I had a coaching client going through the same thing. Finally, I had to tell her that she couldn't go any further without getting out there and doing something. We had talked about her hopes and dreams, investigated the many possibilities, weighed the pros and cons, discovered her straights and weaknesses, and sought intuitive guidance from her powers that be.
It was time. She had to do something. She couldn't learn any more. She couldn't figure out anything else. The only course left was to begin walking the path.
Sometimes you just have to start and go for quick results- even if you don't feel that you are ready or have everything you need to start. Waiting until "everything is right" can frequently lead to nothing happening. Consider using a Breakthrough Technique that is designed to produce quick results and get you started right away.
This might seem a bit scary. But the big advantage in starting now is that only in actually taking the steps will you be able to explore all of the relevant issues that will come up as you are actually doing something. You can continue to research and refine your project as you go along.
Here are the steps to the Breakthrough Technique:
Choose a project (any project) that you will complete - make this a stretch goal.
Side step elaborate planning and go for a result now.
Set 5 compelling, urgent and short term goals with regards to your project- skip over the planning and analysis phase.
Set a nonnegotiable date for completion - think in terms of days, weeks, and months and not years
Every day take some action toward accomplishing the purpose.
Include "just in time" education and training as needed.
Focus on what you can do now with what you have.
Take the time to reflect and capture insights that are being gained along the way. This will allow you to discover the breakthrough expansion routes that are naturally clarified as steps are taken toward the goal. As you do this, you will naturally expand your capacity to create the desired future.
Start today.
Pick one change that you want to do. Take 15 minutes and design the first draft of your Breakthrough Technique. Take your first step.
Get a Breakthrough partner and support each other in achieving your nonnegotiable completion date. Make it a game. Perhaps a fun competition.

Mary Ann Copson is Life Coach who specializes in helping her clients better manage their moods and energy. She is the founder of the Evenstar Mood & Energy Wellness Center for Women . You can visit her online at or reach her by phone at 434-263-4996.