Public Hearing: Agricultural Preservation Districts

Public Hearing
Agricultural Preservation Districts

Eric Seifarth and Sara Edelman, Land Preservation Planners brought the Agricultural Preservation District rankings to Public Hearing during the August 26th Board of County Commissioners meeting. The FY '09 Maryland Agricultural Land Preservation Program (MALPP) priority rankings were presented for comment and approval. The MALPP purchased easement program is very competitive with more applications than money available. Each application is ranked using the approved priority ranking system. Easements are bought in order of priority on the list until there is no more funding available. The Agricultural Advisory Board has approved the proposed rankings. For MALPP the County pays 40% of the purchase price up to $1.34 million with funding from state and local agricultural transfer taxes. A list of 22 properties was presented ranging from 44 to 373 acres. Seifarth told the Board that the State requested submission of the top 10 applications for appraisal. One letter was received from property owner Donald Johnson, supporting the process. Attorney Dana Moylan requested that a property not be submitted based on a legal claim. That property would not have been ranked in the top 10 applications, Seifarth said. The list as recommended, was approved by the Board of County Commissioners by a 2-1 vote with Commissioner Aleshire voting ":no".