Fish News: It's Flounder Season

Fish News
It's Flounder Season

It is flounder tournament season. Capt. Jorj Head has given the cobia a break and has been pounding the flounder tour. First it was the Mathews Boys and Girls Club Flounder Tournament. Fishing with Matt Rinck and Carlin Thomas, they managed a 3-fish stringer weighing in at 22.3 pounds. This was heavy enough for 2nd place, about one ounce shy of 1st. Their largest fish was Jorj's 8lb 5oz fish. Matt weighed in one at 7lb 5oz.
Virginia's big billfish tournament will be held August 20-23. For more information on the Virginia Beach Billfish Tournament, visit:
Capt. Chris Newsome will be the speaker at the club meeting on August 19. He will be talking about light tackle fishing for drum, rockfish, and speckled trout.
Aug. 8, Charles Southall fished structures from the Santore out to the Gulf Hustler. They caught a limit of spadefish, a bunch of nice triggerfish, and a couple of cobia.
Aug. 6, Wes Blow caught a couple of flounder at the CBBT and then went looking for cobia along the buoy lines. He saw over 30 cobia. Most were small. The one he kept was a bit over 47 inches long.
Aug. 5, Mac and Ruth McCormick fished Back River. They caught croaker and puppy drum.
Aug. 3, Gary Donaldson fished Back River in his kayak. They caught some flounder and some big croaker.
Aug. 3, Wes Blow fish at Bluefish Rock until the waves drove him home. He caught a 44-inch cobia.
Aug. 3, Chris Boyce fished with Capt. Craig Paige at the CBBT. They caught flounder up to 5.5 pounds. They also caught a red drum while casting to black drum at the 3rd island.
Aug. 2, Danny Forehand ran out to the Norfolk Canyon. They caught a bunch of dolphin while looking for billfish. They never saw any bills.
Aug. 2, Wes Blow fished the CBBT for flounder. His largest fish weighed in at 6.5 pounds.
Aug. 1, Dave and Chris Boyce fished the CBBT with Capt. Craig Paige. They live-baited 18 flounder up to 6 pounds.
Photo from: Dr. Ken Neill's Alaska trip this month. "Alaska was cool. Lots of wildlife and waterfalls. We saw whales (humpbacks and killers), bear (grizzly), seals, sea lions, walrus, mountain goats, and fish. Boats were bringing in halibut, salmon, and some other fish I don't know the names of. You did not need a boat to catch salmon though."

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