Fish News: Upcoming Fishing Tournaments

Fish News
Upcoming Fishing Tournaments

The Don Forman Cobia Tournament has started and will run the entire month of July. Enter anytime prior to fishing. It only takes one fish to win. For more information on this and other PSWSFA tournaments visit:
The 13th Annual Children's Fishing Clinic will be held on July 19th at the James
River Fishing Pier. Volunteers are needed to instruct/assist the children in the fishing on the pier. We will have volunteers showing up starting at 6 AM to set up equipment and get ready for the children. We will finish the clean-up around 1:30 PM and lunch is provided. Please report to the Volunteer Registration area to sign in and get your T-Shirt before going to the pier. Parking should be in the beach lot as we are not allowed to use the Crab Shack or pier parking during the event. Should anyone need additional information, they can call Rob Cowling, 599-2207 Bus, 344-0659 cell. Thanks for all the support from PSWSFA in years past. We have many veterans that can tell you what it is to volunteer to work with the children. It is a very rewarding day where we can educate and instruct kids on how to fish, the treasures of our marine environment and build a love of fishing that can stay with them for a lifetime. Please volunteer!
July 5, Joey Stratton spent a little time at Deadman's Hill. They caught a couple of keeper flounder, both 21 inches long.
July 4, Bill Tice fished the CBBT for flounder. They caught 18 flounder up to 23 inches long. They also caught a blacktip shark and a bunch of skates.
July 3, Rick Wineman fished the Hot Dog. They caught 5 dolphin and a 40-inch king mackerel.
July 2, Wes Blow tried for cobia at buoy 18. The sharks went through his bait supply in short order. No cobia but he did catch a big red drum.
July 1, Dave Boyce fished the CBBT with Capt. Craig Paige. They caught 5 keeper flounder. Dave's largest of the day was an 8 pound 11 ounce doormat.

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