Building Homes! Rebuilding Lives! We're Building on Faith!

Building Homes! Rebuilding Lives!
We're Building on Faith!

Construction has begun on the "Faith House". It is located at 1024 Lanvale Street in Hagerstown. It is being built for a single mom and four children ranging from eight years to fifteen years in age. It is called the Faith House because it is being built almost entirely by the community of Faith.
All churches and religious groups are invited to participate in this project and are encouraged to partner together for a common goal. Has your church or house of faith been seeking ways to get involved in the needs of the community? Are they seeking a way to put your Faith into Action? Would you like to see the members of your congregation form stronger bonds with each other? Would you like to see your church working together for a common cause? This Habitat for Humanity Faith House offers those opportunities. Joining in this project is an opportunity for people to grow in their faith and express it in a method that will show the entire community just what true faith in God can do.
Habitat for Humanity was built on that Faith! It is an ecumenical Christian housing ministry. It is a volunteer-based organization addressing the most basic of human need - a place to live and grow - by providing decent, affordable housing for low-income families.
Until our housing crisis is remedied, other social problems will be inadequately addressed. Families will continue to lose battles against crime, poor education, inadequate nutrition, decaying neighborhoods, insufficient health care and welfare dependency. But, by far, the biggest challenge facing low-income families is housing affordability. Families who pay a large part of their incomes for housing often have little left for food, clothing, health care and other necessities.
Habitat for Humanity of Washington County provides decent, affordable housing to hard-working, low-income families in need. Family partners must pay back a no-profit, no-interest mortgage to Habitat with low monthly payments. They must also contribute 500-hours of "sweat equity" working side-by-side with volunteers and staff. Families also learn important skills to be successful, self-sufficient homeowners such as budget management and home maintenance.
In a study by Habitat for Humanity International, 38 percent of Habitat homeowners report a positive impact on the physical health of their children, 67 percent report less conflict in family relationships, and 63 percent indicate a positive change in their children's school performance. So Habitat for Humanity is truly "building homes and rebuilding lives!" And homeownership programs make communities, neighborhoods and families stronger.
Habitat for Humanity's Faith House still needs sponsors and participants. Work has begun, but there is much yet to do! So take a leap of Faith! Put your Faith into action! Habitat's Faith House needs your help!
For more information, please contact Kathy Powderly, Habitat for Humanity of Washington County, 301-791-9009 ext.12, or Rev. Roland Hobbs, 301-791-3431,

William L. Bulla is a freelance writer residing in Washington County.