McConnellsburg's Motors: Giving Back to the Community

McConnellsburg's Motors
Giving Back to the Community

"We are the largest farmtrac compact tractor seller in the United States for the last four years," said Lyle Mellott, owner of McConnellsburg's Motors.
On average McConnellsburg Motors sells up to one hundred tractors a year from Maine to Georgia, selling the Farmtrac and Montana tractors made by LS Cable. As the oldest dealership in the community, McConnellsburg Motors is the only one surviving out of twelve. The company deals mostly with small to moderate sized farms and many corporate ones as well. Whatever pops into your head when thinking about what is needed to operate a working farm, McConnellsburg Motors is sure to have it. They sell just about everything including tillers, cultivators, bailers, chain saws, and weed eaters. "We can repair anything but a broken heart," said Lyle.
Julie Smith, a customer from Bedford County, is satisfied with their professionalism and kindness. "Lyle is very helpful," she said. "Even when [someone] needs a piece of equipment, he'll work on it until he finds it. We bought a planter that goes on the back of the tractor, which pokes holes in the ground and a plastic layer that lays plastic on the ground for plants to go through, which also helps with irrigation. Lyle is a very helpful, nice person," added Julie's husband, Gary.
McConnellsburg's Motors is run by a close knit group...Lyle, Brian Brady, a graduate of Penn State who is married to the local physician, and Joe Mickey who has been working there since the age of fifteen. What makes this dealership stand out from the rest is that they give back to the community.
Many business owners say that they will give back to the community once they are established, however, most never keep that promise. Isn't it the community who helps keep you in business? Then why not give back to them? When you give back, you are teaching the children in your community to do the same. The values of commitment, determination, teamwork, and leadership that are demonstrated will always be with them. Not only can you rejoice in the good feeling you get when you give back to the community, you are also highlighting your generosity and loyalty. People see this and appreciate it. The group at McConnellsburg Motors knows what this feels like and they enjoy it.
Lyle Mellott is also the pastor of the Pleasant Union Church (259 Pleasant Union Church Road in
Clearville) and has been doing so for the past twenty-eight years.
"Lyle is one great guy and he certainly does his share of helping people," said friend, Faye Elvey. "He had me for almost three years delivering four floral arrangements [every] month for people who needed a lift. The card was always signed "a friend in Fulton County". He never wanted people to know where it was coming from," she said. "Quite often when I go in his store he has a box of perishable and canned goods to be given out to people in need.
"Usually once a year he has a dinner for two hundred people," she added.
Once a year, three busloads of one hundred fifty-seven people take a trip to Hershey Park. They are usually family and friends of Lyle who otherwise could not take the trip. "We do many things for the community, we are community orientated," Lyle said. One day a month food is furnished to families in need and bread is donated. "We try to give back more than we take," he said. "Joe Mickey is big into lawn mower racing...getting many community children involved. They take lawn mowers and modify them and go to different fairs and functions."
Brian, an elder in the Laurel Ridge Church, is always willing to help those who need it. "We support a lot of missions through the church," Brian said.
McConnellsburg's Motors is located at 875 Lincoln Way East, McConnellsburg, Pennsylvania. The shop is directly across from the Fulton County Fairgrounds. Stop by and say "Hi!"