It's Only Ink! The Frog in the Well

It's Only Ink!
The Frog in the Well

"The Frog in the Well" is a story based on a Chinese idiom, which describes a narrow-minded person.
As the publishers first book, this Chinese English bilingual book is sure to be a huge hit. The design is easy to follow. The illustrations by Pattie Caprio are bright and eye-catching. With the note to readers in the front of the book and the word list in the back, readers will be able to receive the full benefits from the old Chinese fable included within.
The story begins with a happy frog that lives in a deep well. He thinks that his well is the world until he meets a sea turtle looking for the huge ocean.
Teachers can easily incorporate this wonderful book into their lesson plans. Children will have fun exploring the English to Chinese text simultaneously placed on each page. T he publisher believes "The Frog in the Well" will help prepare children for the global market. This reviewer agrees. There are many book published in English/Spanish, however, as many years as I've been reviewing books, I've not seen a English/Chinese book for children.
My children and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this interesting, fun, and educational book by some very talented people.

The Frog in the Well Retold by Irene Y. Tsai
Illustrated by Pattie Caprio
Chinese Translation by Joyce Lin
Published by CE Bilingual Books,
ISBN-13: 9780980130515
Release: 2008
Price: $14.95
Ages: 5 & up
Reviewed by Jennifer LB Leese

Jennifer LB Leese is a writer from Maryland who writes children's picture books, young adult novels, and paranormal fiction. Visit her online at: