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Take Notice...
Raven Tree Press

Available Titles
A Home for Pearl Squirrel by Amy Crane Johnson
Pearl learns about the different types of homes and habitats in which her woodland friends live and play. Diversity is explored and championed in this tale of self-appreciation. Home is where the heart is.
Alien Invaders by Lynn Huggins-Cooper
Bugs in the garden? Or are they alien invaders? A curious child compares small garden creatures to what he knows of space invaders. Antennas? Shiny armor and helmets? Are these Earth dwellers or something 'out of this world'? Creepy crawlers abound in wacky, far-out colored pencil illustrations.
I Wish I Had Freckles Like Abby by Kathryn Heling & Deborah Hembrook
Rosa goes to elaborate and comical lengths to get freckles like Abby. She realizes she might have something that is just as desirable as Abby's freckles. Rosa gains appreciation of her own uniqueness.
If I Could by Nancy Sweetland
A young boy wishes what he might do or be, if only he could. Wishing he could fly like a bird or hop like a toad leads our young hero to far-flung fantasies of wishing to be a river, a star, and even a whole hive of bees. Oh, if only he could!
Marco Flamingo by Sheila Jarkins
Meet Marco. He is just regular flamingo with regular flamingo friends. There is just one problem. Marco wants to be a winter bird.
About Raven Tree Press
With the growing number of Spanish speaking households in the United States,
Raven Tree Press recognizes the need for high quality reading materials in a variety of bilingual and wordless formats. By presenting English and Spanish in the same book we believe speakers of both languages learn faster. It also allows multicultural awareness, language development and a learning process important to our global community.