Fish News: Tournaments and Triumphs

Fish News
Tournaments and Triumphs

The Wilcox Bait and Tackle Triple Threat Tournament, targeting trout, flounder, and spadefish, is in progress but you still can enter. For more info visit:
Cobias are here and the cobia tournaments will be here soon. The Jimmy Roger's Hampton Creek Cobia Tournament is scheduled for June 13-14. Many of our club members fish this popular event each year. For information visit: The Don Forman Cobia Tournament will run the entire month of July. For more information on this and other PSWSFA tournaments visit:
The next meeting of the PSWSFA will be on June 17. Capt. Craig Paige will be speaking to us about catching doormat-sized flounder.
May 26, Capt. Max King ran a party out to the Chesapeake Light Tower for spadefish. They caught their 20-fish limit of spadefish up to 8 pounds.
May 26, my mom, dad, aunt, and uncle fished out of Wachapreague for flounder like we used to do a fair amount of back when I was a kid. They said that the area is more developed but Wachapreague is still the same and the flounder are still there. They caught a bunch of flounder up to 23 inches long. My mother made sure that I knew that she caught the biggest flounder of the trip.
May 26, Donnie Crist fished his boat out of Oregon Inlet. There were several other local boats fishing with them. In general, each boat caught a yellowfin tuna or two and a few dolphin. He said that boats with green sticks were doing very well with both yellowfin and bigeye tuna. Donnie tried the deep-dropping thing for the first time and caught 16 nice blueline tilefish, 9 sea bass, and a 12-pound snowy grouper.
May 26, Sean Doran, Darren Foster, Josh Baily, and Blake did some deep-dropping near the Norfolk Canyon. They caught 100 large sea bass, a snowy grouper, golden tilefish to 47 pounds, several wreckfish and some blueline tilefish.
May 25, Brandon Bartlett was the mate on a very successful offshore trip out of Virginia Beach. They caught 8 yellowfin tuna and a whole bunch of small bluefin tuna. It was non-stop action keeping Brandon very busy.
May 25, Tricia ran our daughter, Casey, and I out to Tricia's Reef to do some croaker fishing. She thinks that the nice folks at the VMRC built that new Poquoson Reef just for her. We caught plenty of croaker from bait-size to eatin'-size.
May 25, Capt. Max King ran out of Oregon Inlet. They caught a gaffer dolphin, a yellowfin tuna, and a 107-pound big eye tuna. They then did some bottom fishing and caught some blueline tilefish, sea bass and a 15 pound snowy grouper.
May 24, Sean Doran, Darren Foster, Dennis Register, and Byron Waller did some deep-dropping in the area of the Norfolk Canyon. They caught 87 large sea bass, 4 snowy grouper, some blueline tilefish and blackbelly rosefish.

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