New Website for Area Nonprofits Unveiled

New Website for Area Nonprofits Unveiled
All Nonprofits Encouraged to Log-On to Get Plugged In

Hagerstown, MD- Washington County Leadership Development Program, Inc., commonly referred to as Leadership Washington County (LWC) is pleased to announce that a new website dedicated exclusively to the business of nonprofits in the community is now live. The website, was made possible, in part, by a grant from the Washington County Gaming Commission.
The site is a result of a brainstorming session between Cindy Kalkbrenner, ED of LWC and LWC graduate Sam Cool, VP of Planet Technologies.
"My experience in the Leadership program opened my eyes to the enormity of our nonprofit community - not just their needs but the incredible wealth of resources and talents they have available," said Sam Cool.
"Sam and I were talking one day about how great it would be if there was one place that all nonprofits could go - to exchange information, to advertise, to collaborate and to, in a word, "cross-pollinate. The result is," commented Kalkbrenner.
According to the Maryland Association of Nonprofits, there are some 642 registered nonprofits in Washington County. The number of individuals those organizations employ numbers well over 6,000. That being said, it is much more difficult to measure the impact they have on our daily lives. Nonprofit organizations give expression to a wide variety of artistic, recreational, and religious endeavors. Nonprofits provide health and child care services, meals on wheels, counseling, sport activities and the list goes on.
"We wanted to create a meeting place for these organizations that, in the long term, will help to increase their individual and collective impact," continued Kalkbrenner, "and we encourage every organization to go to the site, register their nonprofit and publish their schedule of events, their needs, their wants and desires." was designed by Axis 80.
For more information and/or to register, call Cindy Kalkbrenner at 301-791-5807.