Wisdom From a Furry Friend: Katie, A Very Sweet Bunny

Wisdom From a Furry Friend
Katie, A Very Sweet Bunny

Hi. My name is Katie and I am an American grey, buff and salt and pepper bunny. I am 4 months old and I am very soft and sweet. I am currently living at the Humane Society of Washington County where I came after my owners realized they could no longer take care of me. It is nice here but I would like to find a nice forever home.
Did you know that rabbits make exceptional house pets? We are very social and love to be around people. We can be very loveable and we are very smart. We can be taught to use a litter box and we love to roam around your house and explore. We get along with cats and well-behaved dogs.
The Humane Society of Washington County has lots of information on the care of rabbits and there is a wonderful organization called the House Rabbit Society that can provide all kinds of guidelines to help rabbit owners learn how to care for us properly. There are certain things you need to know about our health but with these two great resources available, the care and upkeep of one of us bunnies should not be a problem for you.
Rabbits need to be spayed and neutered just like other pets, so we don't "mark" territory". This helps to improve our behavior because our litter box habits are better as are our house manners. We tend to be calmer, happier and tend to chew less and be less territorial. So, I know you have heard this many times before but spaying and neutering helps make pets better companions around your home.
Rabbits aren't the only pets that need to be spayed or neutered. Your cats and dogs need to be spayed to prevent unwanted litters. Spring is historically kitten season and before we have a litter crisis at the shelter, everyone at the Humane Society of Washington County asks you to please spay and neuter your cats. Be sure to keep your kittens inside before you have them spayed or neutered to make sure you don't have a "mistake" litter. Did you know that kittens as young as 5 months old can have their own kittens? We want to make sure those unwanted litters don't happen in the first place.
With so many wonderful animals available for adoption at the Humane Society of Washington County, you should come out and see us. If you think you might like to have me join your family, come ask for me, Katie. I am very cuddly and I will be looking for you.

The Humane Society of Washington County is located at 13011 Maugansville Road in Hagerstown www.hswcmd.org. Ph: 301-733-2060. Fax: 301-733-0248.