Fish News: Hampton Creed Cobia Tournament

Fish News
Hampton Creed Cobia Tournament

Cobia are on their way and so are the cobia tournaments. The Jimmy Roger's Hampton Creek Cobia Tournament is scheduled for June 13-14. Many of our club members fish this popular event each year. For information visit:
May 10, Bob Manus fished next to us. He landed three black drum up to 54 inches long before he had enough of them and moved onto 9-Foot Shoal looking for red drum. He did not have any luck with the drum.
May 10, Danny Forehand and Steve Martin fished for black drum. They boated 6 black drum up to 50.25 inches long.
May 10, David Brabrand joined us for the drum bite. They caught eight black drum. Seven were large enough for citations.
May 10, Gary Donaldson and Stan Simmerman fished the Poquoson River and caught a bunch of croaker to about 12 inches long.
May 7 report from Hatteras: Things have been a little slow for the TUNA TRACKER this spring, but fishing is picking up. We got into the big dolphin this Wed. In the deep, roughly 200 to 500 fathoms. Lots of weed lines. We found big dolphin on one weed line and pounded it all afternoon. Nathan's fish was on the troll, and mine was "bailing." The tuna bite has been off and on. So far, we haven't been in the right place at the right time. We briefly had a big blue on Wed. The hook didn't stick, which was a good thing, because it was a really big fish and our 50 wides wouldn't have held it for long.
May 7, Wes Blow fished at buoy 13. He managed to catch a 46 inch black drum.
May 7, Capt. Jim Brincefield took a party offshore bottom fishing. They boated 94 sea bass, 13 blueline tilefish, some bluefish, and 53 blackbelly rosefish. The big news is their big blackbelly weighed in at 4 pounds 3 ounces. If approved, this will replace the 3 pound 11 ounce current world record caught by Bob Manus on the Healthy Grin.
May 7, I met Charles and Hunter Southall at Messick as soon as I could get there after work. It was blowing and the only bait that we had was some leftover chowder clams from Tricia's and my trip on Monday. We went anyway and got over to buoy 13 before sundown. We cracked open all the clams we had, put our some baits and Hunter was hooked up in minutes. While he was fighting that fish, we get another bite and Charles is hooked up. During the sunset, each boated and released a citation-sized black drum. We talked about going for reds (we also had some left-over crabs) but Charles had to be at work early today and it was a school night for Hunter so we came on in. Good quick trip.

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