Fish News: The Hunt for Hardheads

Fish News
The Hunt for Hardheads

The Hunt for Hardheads tournament is scheduled for May 17. Our club is invited to fish this thing each year but we have never had any boats enter. This year, we will. Contact Barclay Shepard if you would like to represent the PSWSFA in this fund-raising event. Cost is $30 for a team up to 3 anglers. There will be a $10 extra fee for an additional angler. The entire team does not have to be members of the club, just the captain, so you can take your neighbors fishing. Big boats are not needed. Fishing area is from the HRBT on up the James. Targeted species are croaker, bluefish and flounder. The top-performing club gets to keep a very nice trophy for a year. Proceeds go to Wish a Fish.
The date for the 2008 Dare Marina/PSWSFA Open Flounder Tournament is scheduled for August 16. Our first club tournament of the year will be the Triple Threat Tournament May 17 thru June 1. The targeted fish are flounder, spadefish, and trout. The change this year is that both gray and speckled trout qualify. Also new this year is the addition of a kayak tournament. It will run the month of September. Puppy drum, speckled trout and flounder are the targeted fish with the largest one weighed in winning the whole thing, winner take all. The first club picnic is on June 29. This will also be the awards ceremony for the popular Youth and Ladies Tournament, which will run June 21-29. Details are at:
The Black Drum World Championship will be held May 16-18. For details, visit:
April 27, I went fishing with Chris and Dave Boyce. We did some wreck hopping in the Triangle Reef area. We caught 19 tautog up to 21 inches long.
April 26, Danny Forehand took his new Albemarle out for its maiden fishing trip. They hit Fisherman's Island and caught a 47-inch red drum, which was released for the boat's first citation.
April 26, Ric Burnley and his kayak krazy buddies fished Fisherman's Island Inlet. They all managed to catch at least one trophy red drum.
April 26, Charles Southall fished for tautog and they caught a limit of fish up to 6 pounds. They also caught a 15 pound black drum on the wreck. They then went over to Fisherman's Island where they caught and released a 47-inch red drum.
April 26, Mike Avery did some offshore bottom fishing. They caught 4 golden tilefish up to 35 pounds, 4 wreckfish, some sea bass, blackbelly rosefish, and a collection of other bottom fish.
April 25, Tricia Neill ran to the mouth of the Poquoson River and bottom fished for an hour. Using bloodworm, she caught a dozen spot and croaker. She also caught a 22-inch flounder on a little piece of bloodworm.
April 24, Capt. Brincefield ran one of his offshore trips. They caught 158 keeper sea bass including some over 5 pounds, 31 blueline tilefish up to 9 pounds, and a few bluefish including a 37.75-inch fish released for a citation.

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