Building Homes, Rebuilding Lives! Did You Know . . . ?

Building Homes, Rebuilding Lives!
Did You Know . . . ?

Did you know the average employee drinks two and a half cans of soda each day of the week?
Did you know that 127,093 aluminum cans are recycled every minute?
Did you know that Americans throw away enough aluminum cans to rebuild an entire commercial air fleet every three months?
Did you know that one hundred million beverage cans are sent to the landfill, littered or incinerated daily in the U.S.?
Well, it's true!
Did you know that these recycled cans could build a Habitat home? Well that is true, also! It started in 1997, as a partnership with The Aluminum Association, which funds the "Cans for Habitat" program. Empty aluminum cans are helping families-in-need afford simple, decent housing. The money earned from recycling the cans helps Habitat for Humanity to build homes. Since it's inception, more than $6.3 million dollars have been raised, by and for, Habitat affiliates nationwide as part of the "Cans for Habitat" program.
Here in Washington County, Habitat is asking companies, churches, organizations, and individuals to collect aluminum cans and take them to Maryland Metals at either the 204 West Church Street, or 449 Antietam Drive locations in Hagerstown on behalf of Habitat for Humanity of Washington County. These locations are open from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. daily, Monday through Friday. Habitat will provide recycling boxes and liners to anyone who would like to participate in the program. For more information or for supplies listed above contact Kathy Powderly at 301-791-9009 or
Did you know the aluminum can has no limit to the number of times it can be recycled?
Did you know when an aluminum can is recycled, it is back on the grocery shelf as another aluminum can within 60 days?
Did you know it takes anywhere from 100-500 years for an aluminum can to decompose?
Well, it's true!
Recycling aluminum cans, not only will help build a Habitat home, but it will also help with the environment. Landfills rely on the decomposition of waste material when it is buried. I don't think they had planned on waiting up to 500 years for it to happen. So Habitat is asking people to help with the environment and help build a Habitat for Humanity home by recycling their empty aluminum beverage cans.
Did you know that last year enough aluminum cans were recycled to fill a hollow Empire State Building 24-times?
Did you know over the past ten years, the number of aluminum cans recycled has doubled?
Did you know if one company with 5,000 employees recycled all the aluminum beverage cans they consume at work on behalf of Habitat, one new home could be built a year?
Well, it's true!
And, recycling these aluminum beverage cans can save a great amount of energy. The energy consumed by an average American family in 20-months can be replenished by simply recycling one ton of aluminum. Actually, the energy saved by recycling just one aluminum can is enough energy to run your television for three hours. So recycling these cans is really good for our country. Why not do your part by helping out, and take your empty aluminum beverage cans to Maryland Metals on behalf of Habitat for Humanity of Washington County. The local Habitat office can provide posters and collection boxes with liners. For more information, call 301-791-9009.

William L. Bulla is a freelance writer residing in Washington County.