Daze of My Life

We had a semi diagnosis. X-rays indicated that Smokey had a 1-cm. lesion pressing against his hip joint. The doctor couldn't determine, however, whether the growth was old or new, so he referred us to an orthopedic veterinarian. In the interim, Smokey was given a pain patch, and we were sent home.
be OK so... .
favoring his right rear paw. We knew a return trip to the orthopedic veterinarian was necessary.
Smokey's condition miraculously improved, just as it
e a getting-comfortable-exhale, so I didn't think to check on him. Besides, he'd been doing so well.
he same since. We have lost a member of our family, five to eight years earlier than anticipated, considering median life expectancy. He was our baby, in size anyway (he was a little older than our golden retriever, Bailey). We are devastated. Smokey brought life into our house, and his passing leaves a void. We still see him; we still hear him; we still call him. If it wasn't so sad, it would be pitiful. But we don't care. We loved him, and we know he loved us. And don't you dare say he was "just a cat."