Take Notice...Tricycle Press

Take Notice...
Tricycle Press

Mighty Pigeon Club by Daniel San Souci
When the clubhouse kids take in a flock of homing pigeons, their imaginations soar. But reality sets in all too soon and cleaning up after messy birds becomes old...
Pen That Pa Built by Ashley Wolff, David Edwards
In this warm display of old-fashioned know-how and family spirit, a blanket is made from scratch--from the shearing to the carding, spinning, dyeing, and weaving. And it all starts in the pen that Pa built.
Oooh! Matisse by Mil Niepold, Jeanyves Verdu
Bright and playful close-ups of some of Henri Matisse's most celebrated collages encourage children to find the whale in Matisse's dove, the splash of milk in his star, and the rays of sunshine in a blue leaf.
Pretend Soup by Ann Henderson, Mollie Katzen
Imagine a child deep into a bowl of "Green Spaghetti," "Zucchini Moons," or "Pretend Soup"-and loving it because he made it himself.
Beach Babies Wear Shades by Michelle Sinclair Colman, Nathalie Dion
The babies are back, and this time, they're slathered with sunscreen and headed for the beach. They'll hang ten, boogie down, and keep it cool--all in their sweetly incomparable urban baby way.
Apple Batter by Deborah Turney Zagwon
In Deborah Turney Zagwyn's distinctive world, the countryside is awash in color, and the seasons set the rhythm for life.
About Tricycle Press
Ten Speed launched its children's imprint, Tricycle Press, in 1993. It has since published an eclectic collection of books for children, including Mollie Katzen's groundbreaking children's cookbook, Pretend Soup; David Schwartz's math alphabet book, G is for Googol; the anthem for a bully-free nation, Don't Laugh at Me; and Amy Wilson Sanger's World Snacks series for toddlers.