Smart Ways to Support Charitable Groups

Smart Ways to Support Charitable Groups
an income stream in return, you may want to consider creating a charitable gift annuity.
Income source, your charitable gift annuity can provide you with some tax benefits. You can claim an income tax deduction for the portion of the annuity that represents the charitable gift. Also, part of the payments you receive each year may be exempt from certain income taxes. And, if you've given appreciated securities to the charitable group, you may be able to delay capital gains taxes.
ncome payment for life, but wish to retain lifetime control over the assets you donate, you may want to consider a charitable remainder trust.
up such a trust, you delay capital gains tax, and you can claim a deduction on your current-year taxes. And because you're moving assets from your estate, your beneficiaries will have fewer estate taxes to pay.
rust. Because the trust actually owns the insurance policy, the proceeds are kept out of your taxable estate-and your heirs will owe less in estate taxes. You can also direct the trust to provide your heirs with regular income.
rom the start, you'll have a good chance of seeing the results you want.