It's Only Ink! Osprey Adventure

It's Only Ink!
Osprey Adventure

Reading Jennifer Keats Curtis' heartwarming story "Osprey Adventure" I couldn't help but think of the days when my grandfather and I would go for nature walks in the country near his home in Virginia. Those days are very special to me. "Osprey Adventure" allowed those wonderful memories to resurface.
The story begins with one young boy named Pete and his biologist dad (Doc) on one of their outings. Pete sees an osprey nest messily stacked above a channel marker. Noticing a blue plastic bag attached to the nest and flapping in the wind, Pete began to worry about what else could be stuck in the nest. To get a closer look they get in a boat and travel near the nest. There they see two new baby birds. When the baby birds are left alone, Doc climbs the marker to get a better view. One of the baby birds is tangled up in an old green fishing line. The bird will surely die if he stays tangled, thought Pete. They needed to help him and help him fast.
Are Pete and his dad able to free the little bird? Why is it so important?
"Osprey Adventure" by Jennifer Keats Curtis is based on the true work of Pete McGowan, a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Chesapeake Bay Field Office Biologist, who has studied the habits of osprey for many years. Curtis describes the mess an osprey can make of their nest by using harmful materials left behind by humans. McGowan feels this is a huge, growing problem.
If you're looking for an interesting tale with a life lesson attached, then I highly recommend "Osprey Adventure" by Jennifer Keats Curtis.
This story would work wonderfully in classrooms across the country. Mary Dunn Ramsey's illustrations are beautiful and work well with Curtis' story.

Osprey Adventure by Jennifer Keats Curtis
Illustrated by: Mary Dunn Ramsey
Published by Tidewater Publishers,
ISBN10: 0870335936
ISBN-13: 978-0870335938
Release: 2008
Price: $13.95
Pages: 32, hardcover
Ages 4-8
Reviewed by Jennifer LB Leese

Jennifer LB Leese is a writer from Maryland who writes children's picture books, young adult novels, and paranormal fiction. Visit her online at: