When Staying Home Is NOT an Option

When Staying Home Is NOT an Option
by Jennifer LB Leese

In business for 30 years doing mainly van conversions Customizers Mobility, on Pennsylvania Avenue in Hagerstown, has expanded their operations to include a full line of mobility equipment for the physically challenged. Van conversions are now a small part of the business. "We've really grown," said Nick Dadario, mobility specialist at Customizers Mobility. "Many people still associate Customizers Mobility with vans." Customizers still equips vans, but also "do trucks and SUVs. We do nursing homes, school busses, and repair work for places like the ARC of Washington County and other hospitals [as well]."
Nick said, "There is nobody in the area that customizes large vehicles."
"We feel [our growing] process is a natural progression. Two years ago we started our mobility division, which has a wide variety of scooter lifts, wheelchair lifts, drivers hand controls, and portable ramps that weight no more than 24 pounds so you can pick it up and taker it with you.
"We have just about anything to make it easier for people to get from point A to point B.
"There's so much equipment available for people out there right now," said Nick. "...So they can stay mobile. It's all about freedom."
Years ago, people in wheelchairs were unable to drive. Many were "trapped" in their own homes. Places like Customizers Mobility focuses on keeping these individuals mobile and helps to give them their independence back.
There are many different concerns over daily tasks that people with disabilities face - getting to work, using stairs, going to the grocery store - just simply leaving their own home. Today, there are an increasing amount of opportunities and choices available for those who are wheelchair bound. Having a simple ramp installed in your home or having a portable ramp opens worlds of possibilities.
By customizing your vehicle to suit your needs, you can get into your car, van or truck more easily and you can drive your vehicle using your own wheelchair or customized seat. You don't have to stay home. You can travel anywhere independently with a customized wheelchair accessible vehicle.
Any person who uses a mobility device should be afforded the same level of safety as anyone else who uses a vehicle for transportation.
Customizers' professionally trained technicians will install and service any equipment that is necessary to care for your needs. They offer wheelchair and scooter lifts, pedal extenders, drivers hand controls, ramps for your car or home, and you can get stair lifts for your vehicle. Also available are Turny seats, designed so you can turn the chair to get in or out of the seat easily. These are ideal for those who have difficulty getting in and out of vans, pickup trucks, and cars. Turny seats, which replace the existing seal base with a unique swivel, power up and down base, are a safe alternative to transporting someone in a wheelchair. These innovative seats save space and in most cases utilize your vehicle's original seat. "We do a lot of those," said Nick.
Whether you're interested in toting your scooter or wheelchair inside or outside of your vehicle, Customizers has the option that is right for you. "They are coming up with so much stuff now to make your life easier."
Nick wants readers to know that they have a wide range of equipment to cover a bunch of different circumstances and that to get hand controls you must have been through a driver rehab program or have proof that the individual has had some kind of training by a licensed professional or one certified by the state. In most states it is the law because it is a liability for those installing the hand controls.
Nick feels that the Washington County area is in desperate need of someone to teach individuals how to use their new hand controls. "We need driver evaluations around here," he said. "Currently, we use a gentlemen in Frederick and we have another in Winchester." That's pretty far for someone who lives in Hagerstown.
Ger your independence back. Get the right equipment for your needs now and for your future needs. Customizers Mobility is here for you. Give them a call or stop by.
Customizers Mobility is located at 14133 Pennsylvania Avenue in Hagerstown. To find out more about what they offer or if you want to discuss your options and get a professional opinion, contact them at 301-797-7727 or email them at mobility@customizersconversions.com. "Customizers Mobility is here to answer any of your questions," insured Nick.