County Comment: Youth Meritorious Award Presentations

PH CAP: L-R Barr, Pittman, Hess, Humphrey, Wolfe, Winters

County Comment
Youth Meritorious Award Presentations
by Norman Bassett, Public Information Officer
Washington County, Maryland

In the regular meeting of the Washington County Board of County Commissioners on April 15th, Commissioners' President John Barr presented the Youth Meritorious Awards to outstanding Middle and High School students for the months of January through April, as selected by the Washington County Community Partnership for Children & Families Community Outreach Committee.
High School winner for January is Stacey Pittman, a 12th Grade Student at Hancock Middle/Senior High School. Daughter of Robert and Linda Munday,
Stacey is a leader in the classroom as well as an excellent student. She has been involved in the creation of the school newspaper and yearbook during her high school career. She has served as yearbook editor where she has embraced ideas from her fellow classmates and group members. Stacey participates on the school basketball and softball teams. She is also a member of the Honor Club. Stacey has proven to be an excellent worker who exhibits critical thinking skills and a strong work ethic.
The High School winner for February is Caitlin Wolfe, a 12th Grade Student at Boonsboro High School. Caitlin, daughter of Shaun Wolfe, is an Honor Roll/Honors student and President of the school Service Club. Her love of languages and travel has opened her eyes to advocating for the needs of others across the world as well as in her community. She led a school wide campaign to advocate for stopping child executions in Iran as well as other countries. Caitlin also has led the Service Club through months of preparation for a dance marathon to benefit the Washington County Chapter of the American Cancer Society. Her creativity and leadership has helped bring a sense of empowerment to the Club. Caitlin is truly a caring, responsible citizen who will no doubt be serving others all of her life using her integrity, talents and gifts.
For March 2008, the High School winner is Catherine Hess, an 11th Grade Student, Hancock Middle/Senior High School. Caty, daughter of Teresa Hess, is a very active student enrolled in Honors and AP classes. She is a member of the soccer and track teams and belongs to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes where she serves as a student leader. Caty also serves on the Prom Committee. She was member of the Girl Scouts for 11 years where she earned both the Bronze and the Silver Awards for planning community projects. Caty has served as a volunteer at Hancock Elementary for the past six years where she assists in classrooms and tutors fourth grade students. She serves as a positive role model and always strives to do her best in school and in everything she does.
Middle School honoree for April , is Emily Winters, an 8th Grade Student at Clear Spring Middle School. Emily, daughter of Zachary and Colleen Winters, is an outstanding student and citizen who has been on the Distinguished Honor Roll during her entire school career. She is a Student Council member and a Peer Leadership member. She helps with Reading Intervention, is a WEB Leader and is the school volleyball team captain. She has also been a member of the All County Chorus. Emily is a kind person and a role model for other students. Her leadership, work habits and academic accomplishments are truly outstanding.
The High School winner for April is Kirsten Humphrey , a 12th Grade Student, at Boonsboro High School. Daughter of Timothy and Laura Humphrey, Kirsten is an outstanding young woman. She is talented, hard-working, and a dedicated student who goes above and beyond the expectations for all assignments. She is curious and creative and helps make the classroom experience richer for both her teachers and her peers. Kirsten serves as the secretary for the school's Chapter of the National Honor Society. In her role, she is organized, prompt, and takes on the duties of other officers when they are unable to perform. She has been very active in the Chapter's tutoring program, as well as the chairperson of the Chapter's American Red Cross gift-wrapping project.