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New Releases
Unicorn Races by Stephen Brooks
Illustrated by Linda Crockett
Six majestic colorful unicorns take part in a nightly race deep in a magical woods. Follow the adventures of young Abigail as she embarks on a wonderful adventure into a world of dreams and make believe; where unicorns race and elves and fairies prepare marvelous feasts of sundaes, cakes and cookies. This brilliantly illustrated story is sure to become your child's favorite. Steve Brooks taps into the active imagination of children in this delightful tale of a world where anything is possible.
Tera's Dawn by Susan K. Schank
Illustrated by Denise Seah
Tera's Dawn is the heartwarming tale of a young mare in search of her family. Taken from her herd at the hands of ranchers, Tera experiences loneliness as she longs for her freedom. While in captivity, Tera discovers something extraordinary that changes her life forever. A beautifully illustrated tale that reinforces the idea of family and stresses that anyone can overcome adversity and emerge stronger. A story to be read again and again.
Current Catalog (randomly listed)
Creatures of the Night by Stephen Brooks
Illustrated by
Creatures of the Night is a delightful tale of the world of nocturnal creatures. Inspired by his daughter's incessant questions regarding nightly noises, Steve Brooks decided to write about the creatures that come out to play when we lay our heads down to sleep. Children are fascinated, and sometimes intimidated, by this world that exists in the darkness. This beautifully illustrated rhyming tale allows them to associate playful, fun characters with the sounds and noises they hear.
The Fairy Ball by Stephen J. Brooks
Illustrated by Denise Seah
It has been said that mortals cannot see fairies except for one night each year when they gather for a celebration under the mid-summer eve's full moon.
Those lucky enough to witness such an enchanted gathering are forever blessed. Join young Madelyn as she tiptoes out into the night and dances with the fairies under the full moon. This brilliantly illustrated children's story is pure magic - bright colors and fanciful paintings truly bring to life the story of a girl who discovers a magical glade where fairies are gathered for their mid-summer's celebration. This hardback book is perfect for children of all ages.

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