Manager’s Corner/Critical Numbers

by Liz Weber

Critical Numbers are those key financial, production, or sales numbers that tell us how well we’re doing — or not doing. These numbers help us determine what we MUST accomplish day in and day out to be successful.
For instance, for a movie theater, one critical number to track may be the number of seats sold; for a food processor, cost of raw product and additives; for a grocery store, spoilage rate. Whatever the number — everyone in the organization must know what the number is — not just the ticket sellers, production floor supervisor, or produce manager. Everyone must understand they have a role in either meeting or not meeting that critical number - because THAT number is critical to their organization’s success.
Keeping the movie theater clean may not seem important to some theater employees. However many customers will not return to a theater if they had to sit on someone else’s soda spill and chewed gum. If the clean-up crew knows why their job is important to meeting a key Critical Number, everyone benefits. The customers will return, ticket sales will increase, and the employees see clearly how their jobs are vital to the organization’s success.
Identify your Critical Numbers then share them with EVERY EMPLOYEE in your organization. Let them know how critical THEY are to you and to your organization’s success!
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