It's Only Ink! Through the Eyes of a Child

It's Only Ink!
Through the Eyes of a Child

I was 21 when my first child was born. I remember thinking on the day we were to leave the hospital - "that's it! They're gong to let me leave with this little thing?" I felt as though I should have had some kind of course, or better yet, couldn't one of the nurses come home with us? I loved what my husband and I had made, but how was I going to care for him properly? Could we really afford to give this little creature everything he needs?
Now 17 years later, we did give provide for him and gave him everything we could offer.
Authors, Paulette Argrette & Ann Lovergine, have put together a straight-forward, this-is-how-it-is book on having children. They cover topics from health insurance costs to the costs for everyday baby needs to your hospital stay and birthing all the way to their view toward the do's and don'ts of parenting. They give important tips, detailed graphs, and have sectioned the book off so that anyone could easily fine what they are looking for.
Together, Paulette Argrette & Ann Lovergine share over sixty years of parenting experience. It's true times have changed and with the do's and don'ts for today's newborns, I can't help but wonder how the human race ever made it this far. I grew up in the 70s - a lot of how I raise my kids comes from the way I was raised - lots of love, respect, and understanding.
Paulette Argrette & Ann Lovergine say, "If You're Thinking about Having Children, Don't . Until You Read This!"

Through the Eyes of a Child: If You're Thinking about Having Children, Don't . Until You Read This! by Paulette Argrette & Ann Lovergine
Published by iUniverse,
ISBN-10: 0595461654
ISBN-13: 9780595461653
Release: 2007
Format: Paperback
Pages: 56
Price: $9.95

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