County Comment: Early Successes for E-cycling

PH CAP: First load of "eCyclable" electronics is loaded at 40-West Landfill

County Comment
Early Successes for E-cycling
by Norman Bassett
Washington County Public Information Officer

Washington County's newest recycling program is being deemed successful even though in operation less than one month.
The first large loads of "eCyclable" materials left the 40-West Landfill on March 13th, headed for the electronics recycling plant in Elkridge, Maryland.
Washington County Recycling Coordinator Harvey Hoch said that twelve skids of mostly televisions and monitors had a gross weight of 11,080 pounds. On Wednesday, March 19th. Hoch reported collections of an additional 3500 pounds of electronics.
The program's success follows announcement by the Washington County Division of Environmental Management though its Department of Solid Waste Recycling Office of the permanent, ongoing program for recycling electronics, on March 6th.
The program recycles small household electronics, including computers, printers and other peripherals, TV's, VCR's, cellular phones, CD players, radios and the like.
County Residents will need to go across the scales and pay a small fee to help cover the operating costs of the program. The minimum fee would be $8.00 and amounts above 320 pounds would be prorated at the regular scale fee of $50 per ton.
The County's contractor, E-Structors, will transport the material to a secure facility in Elkridge, Maryland. There the electronic waste will be demanufactured and placed into various glass, metal, and plastics categories to ultimately be used as a resource for new products. This program will save landfill space, save resources, and reduce pollution.
Hours for the program are 7:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday, at the 40-West Landfill, at 12630 Earth Care Road, off U.S. Route 40, one mile west of Huyett's Crossroads.
Hoch said the program is limited to household electronics. Businesses may contact the Recycling Office at 240-313-2796 to obtain a list of electronics recycling companies that may meet their needs.