Building Homes! Rebuilding Lives! The Beautiful Things In Life

Building Homes! Rebuilding Lives!
The Beautiful Things In Life

A puppy' s kiss! A rainbow! A baby' s smile! The smell of fresh cut grass! A gentle snowfall! The sound of children' s laughter! Hot chocolate! A mother' s caress! Kids playing! A new home! A Habitat home! These are beautiful things!
Let' s look at those last couple listed above! A new home! It is a beautiful thing in life for everyone. And there are many who will never experience that great thrill of walking into a new home of their own. That' s where a Habitat for Humanity home comes into the picture. Habitat offers a hand-up to many families allowing them to purchase their own home. Oh, it' s not a handout! It offers qualified families an opportunity to work 500 "sweat-equity" hours, and then purchase a new home with a no-interest, no-profit mortgage and monthly payments they can afford. These, too, could be considered beautiful things in their life.
And, there are more! No longer will the children have to live in substandard housing with overcrowded conditions. That' s a beautiful thing!
Too often a low-income families find decent places to live but the cost is such a high percentage of their income that they can' t make ends meet and they have to move or they can' t purchase decent food or school supplies, pay the utility bills, or take care of other basic needs. When a family moves children change schools, neighborhoods and they never really get time to make friends, find mentors or feel secure. From this action other problems develop within the family and with the children. And the cycle goes on and on. Through Habitat, that doesn't happen! Now, that' s a beautiful thing!
Because of high rental costs, many families have little or no health insurance. The result is that families incur unmanageable medical expenses and just do not make enough money to pay for the necessities, their credit is affected and the cycle continues. A Habitat home changes that. That' s another beautiful thing!
Habitat for Humanity teaches families how to manage their income and works with them to "chip away" their debt. That, combined with an affordable house payment, makes families self-sufficient and breaks the cycle of poverty. And this is a beautiful thing!
Habitat for Humanity of Washington County addresses the need for safe, affordable housing as a basic necessity for every family.
It works because of other beautiful things! Namely, our dedicated volunteers and our caring donors!
You, too, can become beautiful things in someone' s life! Pick up your phone and call 301-791-9009. Offer your services as a volunteer, in the office, on one of many committees or actually building on a home. Or, make as monetary commitment to help purchase land or supplies to build a Habitat home. Both are very beautiful things!

William L. Bulla is a freelance writer residing in Washington County.