It's Only Ink! The Pekinese Who Saved Civilization

It's Only Ink!
The Pekinese Who Saved Civilization

"The Pekinese Who Saved Civilization" was described as telling the true history of the world, but from a canine's point of view. The dog's name is Addison. First, he opens the book with inspiring words of wisdom. His comments are surrial. He knows his stuff. Addison could successfully organize a support group. Addison could run for Mayor of his town! Heck, Addison could Addison could be our next President!
After wonderful words from such an adorable speaker, he then continues by taking on many roles as he saves civilization.
Addison the Impersonator gives a comical impersonation of Albert Einstein and the Sphinx, while Addison the Snowshoer shows style and sophistication while climbing a dangerous mountain. Addison has it all.
Ger a copy of "The Pekinese Who Saved Civilization", due out August 15, 2003, and join Addison on his global adventures. You will enjoy learning of how he would solve planetary dilemmas such as love troubles, drugs and alcohol addictions, food shortages, religion controversies, and much more.

The Pekinese Who Saved Civilization by Sir Addison Silber Howell, Esq. as told by Trisha Adelena Howell
Publisher: Howell Canyon Press,
Paperback: 208 pages
ISBN-10: 1931210071
ISBN-13: 978-1931210072

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