It's Only Ink! One City, Two Brothers

It's Only Ink!
One City, Two Brothers

King Solomon ruled in the city of Jerusalem. He listened to his people's wants and needs, and often gave guidance when needed or asked for. One day two brothers, who recently had lost their father, came to him for advice. One brother felt the land should be his. The other brother thought the same. So, King Solomon told them a story of long ago before the city was a city and before the temple had been built on the land.
King Solomon's story begins with two brothers much like the two he was telling the story to. These two brothers farmed a piece of land not far from where they were standing. They took care of the land all year long with the rewards of several sacks of grain. They split the work and split the rewards right down the middle, sharing everything. Years go by and the two continue what they've always done until one day one brother decides to give the other brother three extra sacks of grain. But the next morning he counts his sacks of grain to find that he wasn't short the three sacks he had previously given away. He continues regifting the sacks until one night he discovers the reason why. Some say it was on this night that the city of Jerusalem was born and where the discovery took place was where the temple itself was built.
Chris Smith, a storyteller from England, and Aurelia Fronty, a painter, textile artist, and illustrator from France, have put together a fabulous book. Fronty's beautiful paintings compliment Smith's story to a T.
This uplifting book would work wonderfully in the classroom and would make a charming addition to any library- home, school, or public. This book was a pleasure to read.
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One City, Two Brothers by Chris Smith
Published by Barefoot Books,
ISBN-10: # 1846860423
ISBN-13: 9781846860423
Release: 2007
Reading Level: Ages 4-8
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 32
Price: $16.99

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