Dinner Diva: Try New Fruits - A thru H

Dinner Diva
Try New Fruits - A thru H

We've been talking about trying new vegetables lately and actually managed to go through the entire alphabet (almost!) talking about vegetables you may have never tried. Now it's time to give the same due consideration to fruit. Let's go at it in the same zealous fashion, starting with the letter A.
A is for Apple. This is the first letter of the alphabet and probably the first association you made with the letter A. But it's not just red, Delicious apples that are worthy of your produce dollar, there is a whole bushel of apples I bet you've never tried. Kelly (From Flylady.net) and I were talking about Honey Crisp apples and how delicious they are. They look like big Gala apples and are crisp, juicy and hugely flavorful. Another favorite apple, but hard to find is the Arkansas Black apple. This would have been the apple the witch in Snow White gave the princess...the skin is such a dark red, it's nearly black. This is another apple worth seeking out.
B is for Berries. Yeah, we all eat berries in the guise of jams and jellies, but are you getting enough? Berries are high in fiber, phytonutriently rich and have so much to offer. You can buy them frozen and whip them into your smoothie for an extra nutrient boost. Some new ones to try: marionberries, black raspberries and wild blueberries (smaller than the ones you're used to). Get going with the berries!
C is for cranberry. This isn't a very sweet fruit, but it's rich in vitamin C, calcium, B vitamins and flavonoids. Cranberry is known for its ability to help with urinary tract infections, but did you know that cranberry is also good for helping to prevent tooth decay? Try adding some dried cranberries to your salad this week.
Dates are a fruit that are full of fiber and flavor. Chopped up and added to a salad, they can add a dimension all their own. A favorite way to serve dates is stuffed with cheese (I've used cream cheese and blue cheese). Add some chopped dates to your chicken salad and see how it changes it up!
Eggfruit is something you may have a hard time finding! This fruit's flesh has been compared to the texture of a hard boiled egg (hence the name), but it's flavor is more reminiscent of pumpkin or sweet potatoes. Eggfruit is high in iron, beta carotene and has a healthy dose of fiber.
F is for Fig. Fig newtons are cookies we all grew up with. High in fiber, figs are delicious snipped into a salad (add some blue cheese crumbles and walnuts for great flavor) or try fig chutney on a grilled pork chop for a different flavor.
G is for grapes. There are more varieties of grapes available than ever before. How about Champagne grapes for example? These smaller, red grapes are bursting with the same wonderful flavor as their bigger counterparts. Beautiful to look at and a perfect garnish to your fruit platter, Champagne grapes deserve a try-out next time you're grape shopping!
H is Honeydew melon. A beautiful creamy skin, the inside flesh is a fragrant, soft green with the sweetness of honey making it one of the most delectable of melons. It's available almost year-round and is positively loaded with vitamin C. For a mere 61 calories, you can have a whole cup full of this juicy melon.
That's it for now. Stay tuned...more fruits await!

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