Fish News: Monster Fish Caught, Annual Awards Banquet, Art Show & Auction

Fish News
Monster Fish Caught, Annual Awards Banquet, Art Show & Auction

Striped bass are still the fish on most anglers' minds. Especially now that a true monster was caught this past week. Fred Barns was the lucky angler who caught the huge, 73-pound rockfish. This fish was caught in the vicinity of the 4A Buoy but with colder water temperatures, Corolla has been the area of the most consistent bite. Catch and release action continues at the CBBT.
These offshore bottom fish are going to receive even more attention soon. Club member and sponsor, Capt. Jim Brincefield,, has announced that he is changing his focus from striped bass to his famous, extreme, deep-drop sea bass and tilefish trips.
Reserve February 29 on your calendar. That is when we will be having our annual awards banquet. It is always a fun night. You won't want to miss it! Check out the current edition of the Chum Line at: for a registration form for the banquet. You will need to get us your menu selections in advance. Cost will be $25 per person. There is a child's meal available for kids 10 years old and younger. The club will cover the cost for those but we still need your children registered in advanced also. Chose your meal selections, make out your check to PSWSFA and mail to Dennis Lane at 506 Plantation Lane, Smithfield, VA 23430.
You may also wish to mark April 25th and 26th on your calendar. Dr. Guy Harvey is coming to the Virginia Institute of Marine Science for a benefit Art Show and Auction. For details, visit:
Jan. 27, Capt. Nolan Agner, , took out a charter in the morning. They caught a bunch of rockfish 8 miles south of Rudee Inlet. He took them back in and picked up another charter. When he returned, he found the fish 11 miles south of the inlet. In no time at all, they too had caught a nice limit of rockfish.
Jan. 27, we ran back down south of Corolla. There were no birds but we did find some fish marks and managed to pick up some fish to place some tags in. We ran back towards home and ran into the mother-load of birds and fish just 11 miles south of Rudee. We tagged and released fish up to 44 inches long.
Jan. 26, Kim Rideout ran offshore to do some deep-dropping. They did not break their blueline tilefish world-record on this trip but they caught a bunch of nice fish. They caught a limit of bluelines up to 15 pounds in no time. They also caught a bunch of nice sea bass.
Jan. 26, Capt. Nolan Agner took a charter down to Corolla and caught a nice catch of rockfish. That bite slowed down so he ran the other direction with his afternoon charter. They found a good bite at Ship Shoal Inlet.
Jan. 26, we ran down south of Corolla to put out some tags on larger rockfish. The bite was not hot and heavy but we did manage to catch 10 nice rockfish drifting eels in a fleet of trollers.

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