It's Only Ink! Tera's Dawn

It's Only Ink!
Tera's Dawn

Children of all ages will enjoy reading Susan K. Schank's book "Tera's Dawn". This uplifting book tells the tale of a young mare named Tera who is searching for her family.
Ranchers took her from her herd and fenced her. As a wild horse, this was something she had a hard time dealing with. She wanted to run free on the green countryside. She wanted to be with her family - not be trained to be a plow horse. In trying to understand what has happened to her, something spectacular happens to this loving horse with in captivity.
Denise Seah's illustrations complement the tale of Tera in brilliantly colored watercolor-style drawings. Denise's horse, Brandi, a beautiful, muscular horse served as the "muse" for the artists' rendering of Tera. You can see pictures of Brandi (Tera) at
"Tera's Dawn" is a story that is sure to tug at your heart strings as it deals with loss, stress, surprise, and love. -A real family story!
This book is highly recommended by this reviewer and her three children.

Tera's Dawn by Susan K. Schank
Published by Purple Sky Publishing,
ISBN-10: 097690179X
ISBN-13: 9780976901792
Release: January 2008
Reading Level: Ages 4 & up
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 32
Price: $16.95

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