Board of County Commissioners Actions: Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Board of County Commissioners Actions
Tuesday, February 5, 2008

County Attorney John Martirano and Parent-Child Center Director Mille Lowman brought this request from the Exchange Club of Hagerstown Parent-Child Center to be added to the "1-108 List" to Public Hearing. Non-profit organizations may request to be added to the list of nonprofit organizations to which the Board of County Commissioners may contribute funds in its annual budget, pursuant to section 1-108 of the Code of the Public Local Laws of Washington County, Maryland. The Exchange Club Parent-Child Center, Inc. had submitted such a request, and the public has the right to comment on the proposal. Lowman and volunteer Jackie Barrett explained programs the Center hosts to the Commissioners. Approval by the Board of County Commissioners of the request of a nonprofit organization to be added to the list does not assure that the organization will receive funding from the Board. That decision is made separately as a part of the budgetary process. The decision of the Board on the requests need not be delayed for ten (10) days. The Board may, but need not, act on the request on the day of the public hearing. No one appeared in behalf of or in opposition to the request. After discussion, the measure was not moved forward, however the Commissioners could act on this request for addition to the 1-108 list, during the budget discussions later this spring.
County Purchasing Agent Karen Luther and Recycling Coordinator Harvey Hoch brought this request, to approve an Intergovernmental Cooperative Purchase of Electronics Recycling Services for the Solid Waste Department from E-Structors, Inc. of Ellicott City, Maryland via an Allegany County, Maryland contract at the fee rate of $.059 per pound. The Solid Waste Department is opening an electronics recycling area at the landfill soon. The contractor will remove the material for recycling and will be paid by the pound for its services. It is unknown how many pounds of such material would be harvested this fiscal year. Allegany County solicited quotes from companies in July of 2006. E-Structors was the lowest responsive, responsible bidder. Hoch told the Board that users would be charged minimum fee of $8.00 up to 300 pounds. The measure was approved by unanimous vote.