Board of County Commissioners Actions: Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Board of County Commissioners Actions
Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Verna Brown, Emergency Management Coordinator in the Division of Fire and Emergency Services brought this request, to authorize the Director of Fire and Emergency Services to execute a Memorandum of Agreement with the Maryland Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) for the FY 2007 Emergency Management Performance Grant Supplements. MEMA distributes funding to all local jurisdictions on an annual basis to offset personnel, operational and training expenses for local emergency management. The FY 07 award total is $45,342.54. Brown told the Board that the grant is fully funded with no County obligation. The measure was approved by unanimous vote.
Each week the Board of County Commissioners sets aside time to hear from citizens of Washington County on matters of interest to the Community
Earl Wassen of Rench Road commented on a proposed rezoning of the area around Rench Road and the impact commercial and residential development would have on the neighborhood.
County Administrator Greg Murray read an email from the President of the Maryland Municipal League local chapter, Jeff Cline, who thanked the Commissioners for attending the recent meeting of that group and for the support the Board has given to MML.
OTHER BUSINESS: County Administrator's Comments: County Administrator Greg Murray told the Board that February 6th the Commissioners will hold the annual meeting with the Delegation to the Maryland General Assembly in Annapolis. Budget workshops will be scheduled soon, Murray reported.
Reports from County Staff: Buildings, Grounds and Parks Director Jim Sterling told the Board that matching funds for the $100,000 grant given by the legislature to the Rural Heritage Museum will come due in March, but the private fund-raising effort by the Ag Museum Board is short of its goal by about $29,000. Sterling requested a "bridge loan" of $50,000 to meet that match; payable by July 1st. Friends of the AG museum have stated they expect to be able to raise the balance by that date. The funds would come from the Capital Improvement Projects contingency. The measure was approved by unanimous vote.
APPOINTMENTS TO BOARD AND COMMISSIONS: Following discussion in closed session, the Board of County Commissioners returned to open session and appointed Kevin Collins, Curtis Fulton and Jeff Gladhill to the Washington County Disabilities Advisory Committee. The appointments were approved by unanimous vote.
The Pen Mar Development Corporation Board of Directors requested that Sam Cool be appointed to that body. The request was approved by unanimous vote.