County Comment/Permits and Inspections Director Named

by Norman Bassett
Washington County Public Information Officer

The Washington County Board of County Commissioners have approved hiring Daniel DiVito as Director of the Permits and Inspections Department.
Since December of 2002, DiVito, of Hagerstown, has served as Director of the County Gaming Office, which regulates Tip Jar Gaming in the county. For fiscal year 2004, tip jars produced proceeds of $2,832,143.66 which where distributed to Washington County charitable organizations and the County’s Fire and Rescue companies.
County Administrator Rod Shoop said that DiVito, “Has shown strong leadership and management skills in a short period of time,” citing the flawless operation of the Gaming Office under DiVito’s guidance.
“I know that Dan will hit the ground running at Permits and Inspections,” Shoop said, “he has a solid background as owner of a construction contracting firm, and has extensive supervisory experience in construction management, as well as his excellent track record in fiscal control at Gaming.”
In recent years, the Permits and Inspections Department has experienced a 36% increase in permit applications. As one of the busiest operations in County government, the department processes thousands of permit applications, reviews plans, and performs site inspections throughout the county. The Department falls under the Office of Planning and Community Development (PCD).
DiVito holds the Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from Arizona State University and is a member of numerous professional associations.