It's Only Ink! Jimmy Jammers

It's Only Ink!
Jimmy Jammers

As a 37-year-old I still feel that there's nothing like jimmies - huh - pajamas. Pajamas are the second thing I do after a long day at work. They're relaxing, comfortable, and come in all shapes and colors. Tommy, in "Jimmy Jammers" by Kevin Brennan, feels exactly the same way about his pajamas. But there's one problem - he's outgrown his favorite pair. His mom hands him his "other" pajamas...but none of them come even close to his "Jimmy Jammers". Throughout the story, Tommy thinks about the things that make his "Jimmy Jammers" special - they have extra grippers on the feet, and a zipper that never gets stuck. Where is he going to get a pair just like them? Tommy's situation leads him on an adventurous imagination search.
Brennan's book is full of fun word play and creativeness. Children of all ages will enjoy his book "Jimmy Jammers".
Elizabeth Driessen's colorful illustrations (drawn with crayons) bring Tommy and his world of "Jimmy Jammers" to life.
As with just about all Raven Tree Press books, this story is presented fully in English and in Spanish with an icon separating the two for ease of reading.
A bilingual vocabulary page in English and Spanish is included to help readers learn keywords in either language.
"Jimmy Jammers" comes recommended by this reviewer and her three little reviewers.

Jimmy Jammers by Kevin Brennan
Published by Raven Tree Press (
ISBN 10: 09701107-9-0
ISBN 13: 978-0970110794
Price: $16.95
Pages: 32
Reading level: Ages 4-8

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