Construction Advisory: Eastern Boulevard

Construction Advisory
Eastern Boulevard

Beginning the week of January 21, 2008, work crews from Charles E. Brake, Inc. will begin the installation of new water lines and storm drainage pipes on the Eastern Boulevard Improvement Project. This work will be performed at multiple locations on Eastern Boulevard between Conrad Court and MD Route 64 (Jefferson Blvd.). Motorists approaching the work areas may encounter flagmen, warning cones, barricades, and other traffic control devices. Temporary lane shifts will be used to direct traffic around the work zones. While the contractor intends to keep at least one lane of traffic open in each direction, temporary delays are possible as the contractor shifts equipment within the work zone.
Emergency vehicles will be able to pass through the work zone; however, dispatchers should be aware that the construction activities may cause intermittent traffic congestion and delays in this area.
Please contact this office at 301-739-8577 x125 if there are any questions regarding this advisory.
* City Engineering Department